Earlier this year, Desiree Ontiveros, former fashion publicist and stylist now living in New Orleans, founded the wildly sassy Badass Balloon Co. After a very naughty joke between best friends snowballed into the creation of a modernized party staple, it elicited laughs from unexpected friends and strangers alike. Only a few short months since their release, these balloons have gotten much attention, raising eyebrows as the newest must-have, x-rated novelty in the city.

With a strong focus on messaging, these 100% biodegradable balloons transcend the function of simple party decorations by doubling as fantastic photo props that would liven up any social media account. They also offer a sense of creativity that allows party-goers the ability to bring the most interesting gift or prop to any event. Particularly perfect for the NOLA lifestyle, these Badass Balloons™ make the art of party decor live far beyond the celebration itself!

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Check out the full spread from our photoshoot with Badass Balloon Co:




Photographer: Jason Kruppa   www.kruppworks.com 

Creative Producer: Sarah Smith

Styling: Sarah Smith + Desiree Ontiveros

Makeup: Midori Tajiri-Byrd   www.midorimakeup.com 

Hair: Bekrewe Hair -  Hans Billot + Gerald William

Models: Trinity Blades (Fame Agency), Jalisa Roberts, + Annie EM

Wardrobe courtesy of: Kay’s Boutique & The Style Contingent