hellooo hair!

introducing the dynamic hair trio known as "bekrewe"

by lori leday

In recent years, the creative hair industry has evolved and taken an active role in street fashion, on runways, and of course within personal style. meet the BeKrewe, a team dedicated to taking that industry to the next level in new Orleans. When spouses Hans and Adrian Billot, along with Gerald William are not transforming the heads of their clients at the keith noonan salon, they're styling to-die-for dos at hair shows, and even working behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. They've not only been Felicity Magazine's go-to hair team for the past year and a half, but the only people a few of our team members entrust with their own locks. revolutionizing the hair industry, it's not only their work, but their philosophy that we truly admire. "be is such a simple, yet impactful word. it is used to express identity, qualities, and character. be creative. be authentic. be humble. BeKrewe is more of a concept for us than a group name. We value each other as individual stylists and when we come together, we are a family, having fun together and doing what we love." 

I’m sure each of you has your own individual strengths. Who does what well? 
Adrian: Gerald brings a fresh, millennial twist to the team and is the master of blow drying. He’s also an amazing colorist and has an eye for finishing touches and detail. He will take our ideas and bring them to the next level. 
Gerald: Hans is an incredible hair cutter and an impeccable barber. He always finds a way to bring his ideas into fruition. He’s great at putting a creative twist on classic styles.
Hans: Adrian has the ability to bring ideas to reality. She always finds a way to make hair come to life through fun techniques and playing with texture. She knows everything about coloring and she is also the braiding queen! 

What sets you apart from others doing creative hair in this industry?
Adrian: We are in this industry simply because we love hair. When inspiration hits us, we all bring something different to the table.  We find a way to create something amazing together. We create a story. Its not about the ego, the fame or even the money. We just love what we do.- AB

What celebrity hairstyle do you most often get asked to duplicate?
Gerald: Khloe Kardashian. She is constantly evolving her style and she’s on the forefront of fashion. 

Where do you draw inspiration when trying to get creative with hair?
I love going to NOMA and getting inspiration from the contemporary arts exhibits.  I also love to go back to the basics and read over old notes and ideas that I have jotted down. 

How have you seen the hair industry evolve since you’ve become a part of it? Where do you see it going in the future, and how will the BeKrewe team help take it there? 
Since I have become a part of the industry the biggest change i have seen is the acceptance of fashion colors and edgier, androgynous haircuts.  Pink and blue hair isn’t correlated with just the “punk” or “grunge” scene anymore.  We are seeing it worn high fashion and at every age.  For the future, I see the industry  really going back to the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  I think we are going to see more sleek, straight hair and less volume.  For men I think we will see more military looks and classic barbered hair cuts. 

How closely do hair trends correlate with fashion and makeup trends? 
Adrian: Very closely yet I love that now people are mixing trends in hair, makeup and fashion. Boho braids with vampy makeup. Easy going hair with a K pop track suit. As the trends change, makeup, fashion and hair will always evolve together and on their own! 

In what ways does New Orleans inspire your work as a stylist?
 New Orleans is a melting pot when it comes to hair textures! I am inspired by the amount of diversity through out different neighborhoods. Bywater, Mid City, French Quarter, Uptown…they are all so close but are so different in style from head to toe. 

What are your favorite occasions or events throughout the year to style hair for?
 Halloween! I love helping my client get into character with big, crazy fun hair.
Adrian: New York Fashion Week! There are no words to describe the energy of being backstage. There is so much prep, detail, and team work that goes into a show that last only minutes yet creates such an impact on the world of fashion for years to come.
Gerald: I LOVE WEDDINGS! I love the vibes and I feel like I really do get to make that day more special. We as hairstylists are in some ways therapists, so in that since I just get to be there for the bride for her big day. 


Check out the full spread from our photoshoot with BeKrewe :


Photography by Titus Childers   |   http://tituschildersphotography.com/

Hair by Team BeKrewe   |   Hans Billot, Adrian Billot, and Gerald William

for appointments call keith noonan salon at 504|482|1866

Makeup by Midori Tajiri-Byrd   |   http://www.midorimakeup.com/

Models ( listed in order pictured )   |   Jenny Salazar, Katherine Gainey, Casey Coleman, Chelsey Coleman, Adrienne Hatcher