neon dream


“Ladies, here I am, look no further."


Rapping is such a unique talent. How/when did you discover that you had a knack for it and wanted to pursue it professionally?

I’ve always had skills of articulation (my first word was “mother”, not “mama.") I decided to make the leap into professionalism in 2014 - figured I may as well give it my full attention and see if the world reacted! Carpe Diem, as they say… 

Why the name Boyfriend? 

I chose the name because the word has such heavy connotations, it has a weight to it that “Girlfriend” does not carry. I kept hearing all these wonderful women complain about their boyfriends or wistfully wish for some perfect boyfriend to show up in their life. I decided to snatch that word out of the air and make it mine as if to say “Ladies, here I am, look no further."

What artists (male or female) inspire your music? Any you dream of performing with someday?

I’d love to perform with Carol Burnett. I watch her every night while my nails dry. 


"I like that there’s something familiar about it, even if it startles some bystanders."


Rollers and lingerie seem to be your staples, LOL. Why is this look significant to you?

I just enjoy comfort and leisure. It’s a well-established aesthetic of femininity, one we can all recognize, so I like that there’s something familiar about it, even if it startles some bystanders.

Where are you from? How does the city of New Orleans influence your music? 

I’m from Nashville. I moved here and realized I could not compete with the brass bands - it’s just my little voice up there, no horn blasting over the hum of conversation, so I knew I had to work harder to get the audience’s attention.

What are your go-to shopping spots in NOLA?

I love Neon Heart (perhaps that’s obvious considering this collaboration - we’ve been having an instagram crush on each other for a while!). And I always always go to Sucre to eat an entire tower of macaroons each time I’m in town.

When performing live, what are you hoping the audience gets from your show?

I hope they get a gift, if they come in lingerie, and a cathartic experience no matter what they’re wearing. 

Share one of your favorite/craziest live performance moments. 

Someone did try to fight me in Cleveland on tour with Big Freedia… I had to be escorted by security for the rest of the night. 


"Bubble baths and Jazzercise."


We know you used to be a teacher. Did having a rap career on the side influence your teaching styles in any way and vise versa? Do you think that children should be more encouraged to dress like they want, listen to what they want, etc. 

I’d say the teaching influenced my performance. I knew how to get the attention of a room of chattering children - not so different than getting the attention of a room full of chattering drunk adults. And yes children should be encouraged to find out just who they are, rather than being given messages that tell them who they are. I will say though - if you want to find a group of kids who are already deep into their journey of personal development, they’re here! New Orleans breeds personality, so you’ve got  4 and 5 year old characters running around. One of my favorite things about this city is its embrace of the individual, it does not shy away from anything unique. 

A person such as you who is brave enough to step out of the box, 100% be who you are, and pursue your dreams sometimes makes others feel uncomfortable. How have you dealt with the haters?

Bubble baths and Jazzercise.


Check out the full spread from our photoshoot featuring "Boyfriend in Neon Dream" :


Photography by: Jason Kruppa


Styling by: Ali McNally