by Jonathan Urbina

        If personal style didn't exist, then I would be out of topics to write about (that's the truth). Lucky for me, topics of interest are far from fleeting. Cue Steven Morris, the Honduran soccer player with about as much style as an issue of GQ. I first met the athlete, turned model, back in 2014 during New Orleans Fashion Week when he took over the runway suited up in Luca Falcone's latest creation. At the time, I was an intern and Morris was a clueless model who needed directions to the dressing room. Fast forward to 2016 and the game has completely changed. These days, I stick to styling instead of interning and Morris, who is used to the modeling life, has become the first addition to my "Boys of Summer" style series.

      For this photo series, Morris and I flipped through his wardrobe to put together samples of what best represented him, his style and his "I don't care attitude." Dressed to kill, Parasite Skatepark in New Orleans became the perfect back drop for what would be a sick shoot with Randy P. Schmidt behind the camera. Add in a quick Q+A and the rest is Felicity History. 

How did your personal style develop?

In terms of personal style I definitely like to dress to express. I don't think I could pinpoint a specific person that influenced my style but more of the different countries I have lived in thorough the years is where I have come to see all types of different styles. I believe the key thing to actually dressing well is to not take it too seriously and have fun with what you wear.

Describe your personal style in five words.

Raw, edgy, classy, refined

What clothing item do you own the most of?

 Shoes. I would say I own roughly 80-100 pairs that are on constant rotation. Basically a pair for any type of outfit and occasion in various different colors.  

What has been your biggest fashion splurge? 

 For me, I think sometimes people can put the focus on the expense of the item or outfit too much. Yes, there are some amazing high quality brands out there that we all know and love but i think its normally a case for me that i can pick up a lot of amazing well fitted items from any given store. But my biggest splurge would probably have to be a winter coat with leather trimming on the collar I purchased at Zara. It was a must have and it's still one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe to date. 

What is a purchase that is currently on your fashion wish list?

 I love well fitted suits and luckily for me good friend Joe Rotolo is the owner of Luca Falcone, an amazing Italian custom suit store based here in New Orleans.You can wear a tailored suit to any occasion. Whether it's a business meeting, wedding or just for a night out on the town. I am always on the look out for new patterns and materials to add to my suit repertoire. 

What would the Steven Morris uniform look like?

 My go to uniform would probably be something pretty minimal and adaptable: black fitted tee, black jeans with dark suede chelsea boots. 

What do you think is the biggest style mistake men are making? What style tips do you have for men trying to look cool in the summer heat without looking sloppy? 

The biggest style mistake I often see is unfitted clothes or mismatching patterns. I believe if you spend some time getting a good fit and getting the right shades that work for you, it can improve your outfit totally. On the other side of spectrum do not go too tight as it will feel like you are wearing your younger brothers tees. 

Why should men care about developing a strong sense of personal style? 

For me, I think it is really key that you don’t stick to one set style. I think the beauty of style is that you can mix and match elements from everywhere. I might put on a fitted suit and then dress it down with a tee and vans sneakers. I think its important you work with what works for you and most of all what you think looks good on you. Be bold and brave and try new things all the time. 

How have you seen your style evolve of the last few years? 

I get bored wearing the same outfits so I am constantly looking for new ways to wear clothes and keep it interesting. For example recently I have been wearing a lot more longer fit tees and that can completely change the silhouette and vibe of the outfit.

Where do you hope to see your style go in the future? 

I just have fun with style I don’t really ever set targets for what i want to buy or dress like.  My process in choosing outfits and dressing is very simple, I don’t over think what I’m wearing. I just put on what I feel like on that day. Also depending on the occasion it might require something dressy or casual but for the future I see my myself continuing to be bold and having fun with the different styles I already have. 


Check out the full spread from our photoshoot with Steven :




Photography by Randy P. Schmidt

Styling by Jonathan Urbina