PHOTO BY: Rodolfo Michel 

PHOTO BY: Rodolfo Michel 




In addition to seeing a large group of new faces coming down the New Orleans Fashion Week Runway, each year a group of veterans return to once again enjoy three nights of lights, cameras, and killing the catwalk. This year, male model Christian Suarez will again make his NOFW debut after receiving last year's Launch Agency Male Model award. Humble about his success and motivated to continue working his way up in the modeling industry, Christian shared with us  his goals for the future as well as his favorite part about walking the runway.                        

FELICITY: How has winning last year’s Launch Agency Male Model award helped your career in modeling?                                                                                 CHRISTIAN: Winning last year’s award helped me a lot, because I was then able to travel to the industry network convention in Los Angeles to compete and meet with top agencies such as Next, Maverick, Nomad, JE, and countless others. I was able to get the experience I needed for the modeling industry. It also helped me to sign with my first modeling agency, BMG in Atlanta.

FM: Who or what inspired you to begin modeling?                                                    CS: I’ve been interested in pursuing modeling since I was about 17. Teachers and friends would always tell me “You should try it. You have a good look.” It wasn’t until I finished high school, that I knew it was something I needed to do. My inspiration now is just myself as well as my family. I want to make them proud and show them that I can do something as amazing as modeling. One of my main motivations are doubters, those who don’t think I can do it based off of my looks. I work everyday to be the best I can be for this industry.

FM: In such a competitive industry, how do you continue to stay motivated?                                                                                                                                               CS: I stay motivated by just believing in the process, working hard, and praying that everything will work out. I’ve always been competitive in everything I do. Modeling is the biggest competition, because you’re constantly looking to better yourself. I’m always motivated to push myself not only in the gym but in life, because its something I’m passionate about and I can’t see myself doing anything else.

FM: What’s your personal style like? Has being involved in modeling influenced that?                                                                                                                                 CS: I love my personal style, because you will not see me dress like anyone else. In the world of modeling and fashion, you just have to set yourself apart or you will not get noticed. They’re looking for someone who is different. I go and find things not only that I love but what others wouldn’t think to wear.

FM: What are your goals for the future in this industry?                                                                                                                                                                                  CS: My goals are to take this to the top. I can’t settle with one agency and be satisfied. I want to sign across the board with top agencies in New York, Miami, and Los Angles. I want to travel to Paris and walk for any and all fashion shows. I want to be a household name that you see in magazines and clothing stores. But when my modeling is all done, I want to continue and to go forward with my clothing line, Gods Eye. I would like to open up my own store. I want to create and allow others to create with me. Clothing and modeling are my passion, it’s what I will be doing forever.

 PHOTO BY: Eduardo Benitez 

PHOTO BY: Eduardo Benitez 

FM: What’s the best part about walking the runway? The hardest part?                CS: I love answering this, because runway for me is a high. When I’m on the stage the only thing that matters are those ten seconds on that runway. It’s the biggest rush and I can feel all of the hard work and dedication I put to get there. It's the best feeling in the world. The hardest part of modeling would be rejection. You will get 100 no’s before you get 1 yes. But when you get that yes everything you’ve been through was worth it, and you can never stop from getting where you want to be in life.