3 cosmetic companies you need to know about!


- Kismet Cosmetics -

Kismet, a word meaning destiny or fate, was no doubt the principle driving the start of Caitlin Picou’s beauty brand. Aiming to create products that complete an entire look, she worked with local fashion designers and bloggers to inspire her collection.

- Magnolia Makeup -

With a storefront in New Orleans’ warehouse district, this local makeup brand is all about color. Known for their highly pigmented products, Magnolia Makeup creates products that truly cater to NOLA’s unique culture.

- LipScape -

Fueled by her search for a rejuvenating lip product, local creative Ingrid Butler infused natural ingredients to formulate a collection of lipsticks, stains and glosses. Her passion for geography and studying the world we live in combined with her love for lip products mixed to create the unique brand now known as LipScape.


photography By: Casey McMurray www.caseymcmurray.com

models: Maddie Morris, Jessica Snyder, Kammie Schnell, & Lorie Leday

makeup: Midori Tajiri-Byrd   www.midorimakeup.com